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    offered and that after a rather light dinner I should remain


    ‘Now, Clara, my dear, I am come here, you know, to relieve you

    I said beforehand, certainly not

    appeared in the distance, driving a chaise-cart towards the object

    David Copperfield

    To make his example the more impressive, Mr Micawber drank

    the warm ale

    you And I won’t leave her The day may come when she’ll be glad

    returned: adding that I only wished I had money enough, to lend

    ‘I am happier in myself,’ she said; ‘I am quite cheerful and lighthearted’

    and blowing coming towards us, and soon Mr Omer, shorter-

    the genuine heartiness of his nature; ‘there’s not a woman in the

    another; but I had never seen her grieve like this It made me so

    hand, and speaking in a breathless sort of way ‘What do you

    precious, I thought

    of his affections

    My mother drew my right hand forward, but I was resolved, for

    could not help showing in my face how much it pleased me, but I

    ‘But advocates and proctors are not one and the same?’ said I, a

    epistle, not before, I mentioned about the young man with the

    me to myself, and put me in the road back to the hotel; whither I

    hand, and gave Mrs Micawber his arm, that he would be carried

    of Death How I felt as if its might would push me from my ground

    your happiness If you can ever give me help, rely upon it I will ask

    Peggotty to wait

    says, “I wish it could have been so, but it can’t But you can both

    and that I was, for the time being, proof against the blandishments

    ‘Oh yes,’ said Traddles, ‘she is alive She is a very superior


    Copyright offered and that after a rather light dinner I should remain